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Ed Hurst ehurst at asisaid.com
Thu Nov 16 11:21:06 CST 2006

Off the top of my head....

Jon Mark Allen wrote:

> IOW, should the staff blog on the official church site, or should the
> church site link to a third-party blog site where the staff blogs
> instead?

Should you? Much depends on one's personal style and even more on
content. For example, the pastor might want to blog in his pastoral
role, with pastoral content, and it probably should be on the church
site. He may also have some private opinions he believes not entirely
endorsed by [governing body] and should put those off-site.

The dividing line is representation of the church as a whole, or at
least their presumed better nature. The rest is technology. Does the
server have space for blogs? Can you create multiple blogs on the
server? Can you admin them?

> Are there liability issues with having the staff blog on the official
> site?  Is anyone else doing something similar?

Liability? Yep, but nothing really new, AFAIK. The pastor is always
liable according to applicable laws because of folks like Jim Jones and
his adventure in Guyana. What a staff member puts in a blog post is
subject to the same limitations. It would have to egregious, or there'd
have to be a really litigious person offended by something. The latter
is a greater danger, because in theory the audience of the Net is far wider.

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