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dmc edoc7 at verizon.net
Thu Nov 9 19:26:43 CST 2006

> On my second computer I have thought to install Puppy Linux, a smaller
> version than ubuntu, which I have got on my first computer. How is it
> with software? Is it possible to install deb-files or rpm-files? I
> understood that someone of You is using Puppy.
> Greetings from Sweden
> Hilding Egestal

They have recently released version 2.12BETA and the
Final release of 2.12 is anticipated within days - I
would wait for that.

I have just loaded 2.12BETA on a desktop here but not
yet had a chance to try and break it!

It is a very small, efficient, and versatile distro.
I have tried the big ones and found nothing to
recommend them over Puppy.

There is a group within Puppy working on the import
of deb and rpm files.  If you visit the Puppy users
forum:  http://www.murga.org/~puppy/ and either do
a Search there or post a question you will receive
and prompt and helpful reply -- and a friendly welcome.

Great bunch of folks there, including many Christians.


Thanks!  David
David Colburn, D.Min, MACo
Minister of Discipleship & Education
First Baptist Church of Spring Hill, FL
Personal Site: http://bibleseven.com

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