[CS-FSLUG] Ubuntu Edgy and printers

hilding he7316575 at yahoo.se
Tue Nov 7 10:11:31 CST 2006

Now I have got it alright, but mostly by trial and error! It did not
find the ppd-file and something else. I can understand that quite a lot
of effort must be laid on the configuration. So, that's it! I hope this
version of Ubuntu will do quite well.
Hilding in Sweden

tis 2006-11-07 klockan 08:58 -0500 skrev Ritchie, Josiah S.:
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> > Shalom!
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> > I made a new installation av Ubuntu Edgy, the successor of Dapper.
> > Bibletime is OK but I have problem with the printer Brother MFC210C. I
> > have used the script made by Bob Song for Dapper, but somewhere in the
> > process I have got it wrong. I have started http://localhost:631 and
> > that way tried to install, but...  Any ideas?
> So what's actually going wrong? Do you get an error message? Is this a
> USB printer? How far do you get, are you simply getting stuck trying to
> get on the website?
> JSR/
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