[CS-FSLUG] Weighing In On The GPLv3 Debate

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Thu Nov 2 18:40:05 CST 2006

On 11/2/06, dmc <edoc7 at verizon.net> wrote:
> > note what Moses said about dishonorable behavior -- "be sure your sin
> > will find you out" (Numbers 32:23)
> Note what Jesus said about the human heart
> "... desperately wicked."
> The reality is that post-Fall until restoration-
> into-Heaven humans need externally enforced
> boundaries if any civilization is to survive.
I agree with you here, but in the case of copyrights on my work I care
not what others do with it.  They can copy me all they want, they can
call it their own...but they will be accountable in the long run.  I
respect the work of others, but I demand no such respect of my own
> This is one of the reasons why Jesus instructed
> us to be submitted even to secular authority.
> It is non-Biblical magical thinking to imagine
> that left to their own devices the majority will
> choose to behave ethically.  There is no evidence
> of such in history.
I don't expect that they would.  I do, however, expect that they will
meet their Maker eventually, either for punishment for their sin or
having repented of that act.  I, however, have forgiven their sin
against me...at least if anyone copies me, which is not likely.
> Biblical Christians, above all people, need to be
> realistic about the nature of fallen man.  If we
> could behave ourselves by sheer force of will we'd
> not have required a Savior, not the indwelling Holy
> Spirit of God in His stead.  Most humans are unsaved
> and in active unforgiven rebellion against God, there
> is no grounds whatsoever to postulate an expectation
> of civilized behavior.
And I agree here again, I just prefer to forgive those who sin against
me.  I never said to change the standards, just that I do not wish the
standards applied to my work.
> Of course we need copyrights, and deeds to our land,
> and patents, and other devices to manage the tendency
> of humans to behave in selfish ways.
If they do to my work, that's fine by me.  If they do to another,
that's that author's business, and it's their place to decide how they
wish to protect their work.
> To argue otherwise is to tilt at absurd non-Biblical
> "people are essentially good" windmills.
I just prefer to forgive their badness than to try to get my revenge in court.
> It is the abuse of such civilization-preserving devices,
> not their existence, that is up for rational debate.
I have no problem with copyright.  I just don't wish it being applied
to my work.

If I sounded harsh, sorry, my tone just doesn't flow into email well.
I meant not to offend, only to state my opinion.

-- karhu

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