[CS-FSLUG] Nameserver value disappears?

Tim Young Tim.Young at LightSys.org
Thu Mar 2 09:49:11 CST 2006

Sorry, I have not tracked what distro you use.  :)  Could you include 
that in your response?

I assume you are storing the nameserver value in /etc/resolv.conf?   
Most forms of Linux use that location.

There are a few things that will change the nameserver.  DHCP, dial-up 
(yes, the ancient modem concept), VPNS, and there may be one or two 
others that I cannot think of immediately.

If it is truly happening during shutdown or reboot, you should be able 
to do something like:
    cd /etc/rc.d
    grep -r -i nameserver *
    grep -r resolv.conf *
These commands should list all the boot files that could modify the 
nameserver information.
Then, check the networking commands also
    cd /etc/sysconfig
    grep -r -i nameserver *
    grep -r resolv.conf *

This should tell you which files might be the culprit.  Hopefully, from 
that, you can elliminate some of them as things you do not use, and 
narrow down the scope a bit.

    - Tim Young

Jukka wrote:

>I having problems with network-card configuration. Nameserver value is
>disappeared after every reboot (I have to re-enter manually every
>time). This doesn't affect to any other network-card values. I use
>static ip-address instead of dhcp. Any idea what might cause this
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