[CS-FSLUG] A bit OT..maybe?

Tim Young Tim.Young at LightSys.org
Sat Jun 24 16:11:37 CDT 2006

When it flickers off, is it completely off?  Flatscreens have a 
"backlight" thing that can go out on you.  If the connection to the 
backlight breaks or is loose, it will cause it to be totally black.

I am assuming that, if you plug a normal monitor in that it works 
(making sure that the video card, etc., is all fine.)

Does the screen have a "connection indicator?" (many power lights will 
tell you if a computer is plugged into it.  For example, the monitor may 
switch into a power-saving mode if there is no computer attached to 
it.)  What is that light telling you?  Is there any power?  Is there any 
computer signal?

    - Tim Young

Jim Isbell, W5JAI wrote:
> This is hardware so its a bit off topic.  But, I need advice on
> sources of information.  I have a Gateway 17" flat screen monitor that
> was given to me.  It ALMOST works.  That is to say that it flickers in
> and out of operation.  I suspect a power supply problem as the screen
> looks fine for a split second or so then goes blank.  Typing something
> into the keyboard...anything...may make it flicker on again for a
> second...etc.  Its as though the power supply is marginal and other
> activity on the computer will pull it down enough to extinguish the
> screen.
> I suppose the power supply is built into the area behind the screen
> but I have not taken it apart to look at it.  Wanted to wait until I
> had some information to work from.
> Does anybody have a source for schematics for the Gateway FPD-1838

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