[CS-FSLUG] Excess video cards

Ed Hurst ehurst at asisaid.com
Sun Jun 18 13:51:02 CDT 2006

My system lacks an AGP slot. My one attempt to get a nice PCI nVidia
card went bad, because the fan on the card now squalls loudly. So when a
donation came into my hands with two spare AGP cards, I felt I should
offer them here, first.

1. PNY TI4200, 64MB VRAM (model: VCGF4TI42APB)
2. ASUS AGP-V6600/32M(TVR) (has five ports on the end of the card)

I also have two sets of speaker packages, and neither my wife or I are
interested in this kind of thing:

1. Eastern AX-4106E -- big woofer with two smaller speakers
2. Boston Accoustics Media Theater -- bigger woofer with two twin
speakers (rotate to face different directions).

Who wants them?

Ed Hurst
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