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Ed Hurst ehurst at asisaid.com
Fri Jun 16 19:41:34 CDT 2006

Chris Brault wrote:

>> The fact that the guys that decided on the canon were fallible and might
>> have had some interests is established by their not only setting the
>> Creed, Canon, but also proclaiming Constantine and even Helen as
>> Apostles (this is still recognized by the so-called Orthodox Church).
> Some of these moves were purely political in deference to the powers in 
> charge. Others were in deference to common usage and a well established 
> set of rules in deciding accurate Apostolic words from the mass of lies 
> floating around the world (gnostics come to mind).

Can't recall the specific reference, but I seem to recall there is
significant evidence the Council in question was simply rubber-stamping
current practice regarding the Canon. That is, the dominant usage of
churches had already settled the question before they decided to make it

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