[CS-FSLUG] Forward or Backward WAS: Open Source Theology

dmc edoc7 at verizon.net
Thu Jun 15 23:16:33 CDT 2006

> There are various groups, smaller and larger, that have broken 
> (sometimes formally, sometimes only materially) from the main body of 
> the Catholic Church in every century.  

The key difference between the Roman Catholic
denomination and others is the recently reaffirmed
claim that all of true Christendom flowed directly
from one Apostle, Peter, to that denomination and
every other lesser denomination is a spin-off from
the "mother church".

This is a predicate that I and many others flatly
reject as denominationally self-serving and historically

The Pope has the freedom of speech to assert it and
his appointees throughout the RC church may echo it
and those who have been influenced by generations
of that rhetoric may also echo it but saying something
over and over does not make it truth it merely persuades
the undiscerning that it is correct.

Despite claims to the contrary Jesus never declared
His Church to be funneled through the Apostle Peter

Despite claims to the contrary the Roman Catholic
denomination is but one of several threads of the
Church which flowed from the Apostles (note the
intentional plural).

This is something that is not a "teachable" matter
to devout Roman catholics because it is one of the
non-negotiables of the denomination.  I understand

Some very silly folks in the Southern Baptist
denomination recently imposed the extra-Biblical
mandate that members should not drink alcohol.
They have made it a non-negotiable for certain
positions of authority in denominational leadership.
I understand why they did it, however foolish it
is, and I also understand that is bears no relevance
to Biblical teaching.

There will always be areas of disagreement.  One key
to keeping the main thing the main thing or focusing
on the majors and offering grace on the minors is
for us all to avoid declarations of denominational
superiority one over one another.

Every denomination contains Biblically erroneous
teaching that in practice is elevated to Biblical
authority.  Heretical, yes, avoidable ... probably
not.  The only sure hope for Biblical purity is in

There are, however, the "majors" and we do not have
Biblical Christianity without them.


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