[CS-FSLUG] Hi-Gain Wi-Fi Antennae

Nathan T. celerate at gmail.com
Thu Jun 15 18:24:31 CDT 2006

I was just recently reminded of some reasearch I did on this some time
ago, many routers have a feature called router stacking. Basically you
grab yourself some crossover cable and connect two of the router's
normal RJ45 ports together (on the lan side).

You could place routers in good locations for maximum coverate and
link them together by cable, or you could use bridges in connection
with cantennas which are directional to connect routers together in a
similar fashion to router stacking.

[WAN]-cat5-[router 1]-cat5-[bridge+cantenna] )) wireless ))

One idea I've been considering as a possibility is an IR bridge, but I
don't believe such things are made. The basic idea is that you plug
these bridges into the routers at either end, and they convert the
signals from the cat5 cables into a form that can then be sent over IR
from one side to the other and back. I thought the idea was quite good
frankly, but there are no such products on the market now that I know
of. Maybe I should be taking electronics engineering :-P .

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