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Ed Hurst ehurst at asisaid.com
Wed Jun 14 19:55:39 CDT 2006

dmc wrote:

>> Some people are deluded.  It's quite sad.
> As I recall Jesus specifically quoted to
> Satan during the test in the desert "Thou
> shall not test the Lord thy God.'
> Whatever happened to Biblical Christianity?

Biblical illiteracy is rampant. I had a conversation on this with my
mentor and supervisor at church. Something regarding Dispensationalism
was mentioned in passing, and I asked him if he felt there were many in
our Baptist church who had rejected that viewpoint (I noted I had
rejected it, myself).

He said it was the wrong question. Too many of our members didn't really
know what the Bible said, so as to make an intelligent commitment either
way. He'd rather people have a studied rejection than an uncritical
acceptance (noting he supports it).

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