[CS-FSLUG] Open Source Theology

dmc edoc7 at verizon.net
Wed Jun 14 01:37:55 CDT 2006

> I really appreciate the input everyone is offering. I just have not had
> time to investigate the emerging church movement.  It's funny.  Even
> though I am ordained as a Baptist minister, I find myself - partly due
> to my varied experience - using a somewhat mixed theology.  Our house
> church ministry has been largely born out of my experience and studies.

The problem with much of the emergent church
"mixed theology" is that some of it is badly
"mixed up" with extra-Biblical sources.

I am guessing that you do not wish to be
associated with that.

I am the last person anyone would accuse of
being a traditionalist but pray that I would
be accused of being intentionally Biblical.


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