[CS-FSLUG] Value in Joining the Emergent Discussion?

dmc edoc7 at verizon.net
Tue Jun 13 20:48:20 CDT 2006

> This is certainly one of the perks of working at WBC. They have one of
> the best libraries around for this sort of study. What they don't have,
> they can get. I wish I could give you access to this Ed. I'm sure you'd
> soak up some good books. I've planted the idea in their head to digitize
> their rare book collection, the ones not copyrighted at least, so that
> we can give them away in PDF format for people like you. :-) If only we
> had more librarians with more money, I bet this would be closer to a
> reality.
> Even with the amazing power of the web, Information isn't yet free in
> many ways.

Google was developing a project to digitize
a ton of classical and no-longer-copyright
protected materials.

The usual suspects whined about it but last
I knew Google was working their way through
some libraries of antiquities at Harvard and

Much as I prefer http://clusty.com to Google,
for philosophical and design reasons, this is
something only a cash-rich business like Google
could make happen.


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