[CS-FSLUG] Value in Joining the Emergent Discussion?

Ritchie, Josiah S. jritchie at bible.edu
Tue Jun 13 10:01:06 CDT 2006

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> > Many of you are far more versed in this than I so perhaps you can
> > correct me, but my understanding of the emergent conversation is
> > they do not hold collectively to any beliefs, but instead encourage
> > study so that the emergent comes to convictions personally. Perhaps
> > is a rebellion against the "led by the nose" style indoctrination of
> > generations past.
> That is at least partially accurate. Emergents don't reject everything
> which preceded them, obviously. Emergent is more about the process
> the results; what they reject is clinging to the methods of doing
> which characterize previous generations. There is a distinct danger,
> there must be every time we attempt to break from tradition without
> aiming to trash truth -- we might end up tossing some truth. Some
> specific programs associated with Emergent Christianity are disturbing
> to me, and believe they depart with truth.

I definitely can accept that some of what comes from the emergent
discussion is very flawed and in need of more discussion to correctly
hash things out, but the postmodern mindset is much more accepting of
this sort of challenge and prepared to correct course, as long as it is
approached with an interest in discussion and not an interest in
crushing bad theology or something equally negative. In my mind, the
heavy-handed all-encompassing rejection of the emergent discussion is
simply a demonstration of the need for the discussion. It's ironic that
in trying to crush it, the traditional church only fuels the perception
of the need.

Ed, you bring up a good point on the traditions stuff. Do you have
stored among your tombs of wisdom, an article that intelligently
addresses this? I'm thinking about seeing if the library has D.A.
Carsons book, "Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church". I
appreciated the except from the book at
http://www.modernreformation.org/dac05emerging.htm. Carson seems to take
a serious look, open to the ideas and the title seems to suggest that he
encourages engaging the emergent in their conversation. He does;
however, make clear that he holds some reservations so I'm curious to
hear more about them.

> > How'd I get way out here? What was the topic?
> Thus, you are right on topic.



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