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Ed Hurst ehurst at asisaid.com
Tue Jun 13 08:36:41 CDT 2006

Ritchie, Josiah S. wrote:

> Many of you are far more versed in this than I so perhaps you can
> correct me, but my understanding of the emergent conversation is that
> they do not hold collectively to any beliefs, but instead encourage
> study so that the emergent comes to convictions personally. Perhaps this
> is a rebellion against the "led by the nose" style indoctrination of
> generations past.

That is at least partially accurate. Emergents don't reject everything
which preceded them, obviously. Emergent is more about the process than
the results; what they reject is clinging to the methods of doing church
which characterize previous generations. There is a distinct danger, as
there must be every time we attempt to break from tradition without
aiming to trash truth -- we might end up tossing some truth. Some
specific programs associated with Emergent Christianity are disturbing
to me, and believe they depart with truth.

> Anyway, as Ed's approach to this opensourcetheology.net site
> demonstrates, there is benefit in reading outside our personal beliefs.
> I think there is a issue with many who only read what they will agree
> with them, but don't allow their own views to be challenged by those who
> may sit in opposition.

That would be the point behind anything Open Source. It's one thing to
become weary of reading the same failed logic of your opponents; it's
altogether different to have no real idea what they have said. Exposing
the code, so to speak, is as more about the community hashing something
over until the product is more useful...

> How'd I get way out here? What was the topic?

Thus, you are right on topic.

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