[CS-FSLUG] Networking two Linspire boxes

Ritchie, Josiah S. jritchie at bible.edu
Wed Jul 26 07:59:29 CDT 2006

Using NFS is probably easier to configure than SAMBA, especially for
Linux-to-Linux functions. Using either you should be aware of the
security concerns. Both transmit in the clear, but NFS can be wrapped in
an SSL tunnel.

You could also simply do file sharing across SSH using sshfs or
something similar. This is what I do between Ubuntu boxes at home. The
capability is built-in and works great. I don't have to do anything but
install openssh server. Then I just go to the Places menu and select the
Connect to Server. In that window I select the SSH service type and fill
out the form. That brings up a remote file system, encrypted and
password secured over ssh as if it was on the local machine without
configuring any extra services on either. It's much easier than SAMBA or
NFS or any file system specific needs to setup and maintain. Oh yeah,
once I do that once, Ubuntu puts an icon on my desktop so I just
double-click on it and it asks me for a password from then on out.

At home, I have my machines I use like this on static IPs. It just makes
life easier. Why mess with DNS or looking up dynamic IPs on a small home
network with only 2 machines. Yours is and your wife's is What could be simpler? :-) Of course, you could just set
a name to them in your /etc/hosts file and then you'd just have to
remember the computer names instead of your IP and you still don't have
to mess with the likes of DNS. You can also turn DHCP off on your
router/switch and improve your local security a touch, but that's seems
like it would just be a hassle.


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> All this sounds like ways to make the Linux work with Windows.
> So, if I had two Linux computers would it be an easier task??
> If I am going to spend more money it makes more sense to buy a new
> Linux box to replace the aging Windows box than to buy new/additional
> interconnecting hardware.
> I can get a new Linux Box from SUB200 with Linspire already installed
> and ready to go for $199.
> On 7/25/06, Jon Mark Allen <csfslug at allensonthe.net> wrote:
> > On 7/24/06, Jim Isbell, W5JAI <jim.isbell at gmail.com> wrote:
> > <trim>
> > > fine except that I have NEVER been able to get the two machines to
> > > talk to one another.
> > <trim>
> > > What I dont know is if I will have any easier time getting the two
> > > talk to each other or no.  If NOT than my wife would prefer to
> > > with Uncle Gates.  But if it would be easier to network the two
> > > she is willing to take the chance.
> >
> > I don't have any experience with Linspire, but I would hope it would
> > work better than 'Uncle Bill's computers'
> >
> > If all you need to do is share files (and are willing to add one
> > box to the mix), you might consider something like FreeNAS.  It
> > out of the box as a file-server for just about any OS (using Samba
> > NFS shares, FTP, even SecureCoPy and Apple File shares) and we've
> > no issues with XP users connecting.  Though it might be a bit of an
> > overkill, it does take away the headaches of windows file sharing.
> > And it is highly probable that it would run just fine on your
> > Win box after you've migrated to Linspire or the latest windows, as
> > the hardware requirements are low.
> >
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