[CS-FSLUG] Networking two Linspire boxes

Jim Isbell, W5JAI jim.isbell at gmail.com
Mon Jul 24 22:59:04 CDT 2006

Up till now I have had one Linux (Linspire) box and one Windows (XP)
box networked on a router and into one cable modem.  It has worked
fine except that I have NEVER been able to get the two machines to
talk to one another.

I am about to the place where it is time to replace the Windows box as
it has aged into obsolescence.  I am thinki9ng about another Sub500
box that is fully loaded with Linspire.

What I dont know is if I will have any easier time getting the two to
talk to each other or no.  If NOT than my wife would prefer to stay
with Uncle Gates.  But if it would be easier to network the two then
she is willing to take the chance.

Does anyone have any experience in this area that could advise.

Jim Isbell
"If you are not living on the edge, well then,
you are just taking up too much space."

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