[CS-FSLUG] [Linux4christians] Kubuntu vs Puppy

Chris Brault gginorio at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jul 24 22:36:16 CDT 2006

Ehhhh, what's up doc? - Bugs Bunny

 > Hey Chris!
 >     I am a big fan of Puppy as well.

I am a xubuntu user by trade (as they say) and experiment with slax at 
work (since I can't install anything and I need a certain collection of 
apps to get things done).


>     For others reading 2.00 was rushed and was the first
> Puppy with Linux 2.6.  Puppy 2.01 fixed some of the glitches
> and Puppy 2.02 will resolve most of the rest.  That said it
> is an awesome app with terrific support and is amazingly
> small and fast.

Yup, every so often I float back to see where puppy is at. About every 
three months or so or when they appear on distrowatch.com with a new 
release that has some merit. I also keep up with reviews of puppy as 
well as Ubuntu.


>     Chris - please keep me in touch with what you are
> doing with Puppy.  One of my hobbies is Amateur Radio and
> I am always interested in anything folks get working in
> Puppy for that, in addition to any Bible research tools
> and church management tools.

These are some areas where some determined effort might just pay off. 
The big problem, of course, is that I work in instructional design and 
spend most of my time developing video, writing tutorials and working on 

I've had some extra time this summer, but spent it working on various 
websites for pay (gas prices are eating my commute alive). Now, there 
are a few church management tools out there as well as bible research 
tools that I know of, however, they are mostly web based.

That said, I could probably put together an Ajax enabled PHP church 
administration package if I really wanted to and I had the time. For 
now, I just finished redesigning my own site (www.ginorio.org), 
redesigning Chico Performances (www.chicoperformances.com) and I am in 
heavy development with a Colonial Mexican Architecture site 
(www.mexicanarchitecture.org). Add to that a long overdue redesign of 
Our Saviour's Lutheran Church (Christopher Rose's church) in process as 

I suppose I should give puppy a go again on the next "stable" release. I 
might even use it at work if it proves hearty enough to handle the new 

Gabe Ginorio

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