[CS-FSLUG] CueCat scanner?

Linc Fessenden l4c at thelinuxlink.net
Fri Jul 7 18:13:53 CDT 2006

Jim Isbell, W5JAI wrote:
> I have several of these running around the shack....they chase my
> several mice all day long.
> But enough of being serious.  I have had several of these for some
> time.  I have resisted throwing them out because.....well, basically,
> according to my wife.....I never throw anything out, until I am three
> days away from needing it.
> So I still have them.
> BUT....just what are they good for?  I have seen several pieces of
> software for them, but no real life applications for their
> capability's.  Maybe an input device for a handicapped person?   But
> thats all I can think of.

Although I have not yet written the software, months ago I got a couple 
cuecats and modded them (so they are unencrypted).  My plans were to use 
it to help me keep track of my video collection (many people use them 
for books too).  I also wanted to make a grocery program where I scanned 
in what I bought and used for groceries.  That way I could easily 
generate grocery lists even with prices and such.

-Linc Fessenden

In the Beginning there was nothing, which exploded - Yeah right...

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