[CS-FSLUG] R.I.P. Dr. Morris

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I understand that Dr. Morris has a son who also heads up ICR and I know that Dr. Ken Hamm and Dr. Tom Hoyle (I've actually met Dr. Hoyle) are on the steering committee for ICR, so I am certain that they will continue for time to come.

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> Just read this last night myself,
> > After a series of minor strokes in recent weeks, Dr.
> > Henry Morris, founder and president of ICR was
> > peacefully ushered into the presence of his Creator,
> > Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on Saturday, February
> > 25, around 6:30 p.m.  He was 87 years old. Henry Morris was 
> > considered the "father of the
> > Modern Creation Movement", authoring well over sixty
> > books on Biblical Creationism, Scientific
> > Creationism and commentaries on the Bible.  His most
> > recent work was the New Defenders Study Bible
> > (released last month) which contained several
> > thousand additional annotations.
> >
> > Dr. Morris was a brilliant scholar and theologian
> > who was used by God in many marvelous ways to launch
> > and encourage the Modern Creation Movement on a
> > global scale.  But for those of us who had the
> > privilege of working with Henry Morris, he was a
> > gentle, humble and faithful servant of God who
> > modeled what it means to finish well as he
> > consistently looked unto Jesus and ran with patience
> > the race that was set before him (Hebrews 12:1-2).
> >
> > Plans for a memorial service are being arranged for
> > this Thursday (3/2/06)  at Shadow Mountain Community
> > Church.   Please pray for the Morris family and the
> > entire staff at ICR during this transition.
> I spend alot of time down there with Shadow Mountain
> Community Church. I lived a few blocks away. It's a
> great place. It's sad to see such a pioneer pass on
> but it's encouraging to see all that God's done
> through him. AIG and ICR, his legacies, are strong and
> growing. Let's hope there are more like him in the
> future.
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