[CS-FSLUG] Setting Up Connection Sharing - SUSE 10.0

Don Parris gnumathetes at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 11:36:49 CST 2006

I have never setup Internet connection sharing before.  RoadRunner
allows me to share a connection between 4 boxes.  My SUSE 10.0 box is
the one attached to the 'Net via cable modem.  eth0 obtains its IP
address via DHCP from the cable modem.  eth1 has a static IP and
provides DHCP service for the internal LAN.

eth0 =
eth1 =

In Yast, I setup both NICs to allow IP forwarding.  I have not set the
default route, although I have the default gateway as 
The destination is showing as, although I do not know
why.  The internal hosts definitely connect to the SUSE box and obtain
their IP addresses via DHCP.  However, they don't have a way to get
beyond the SUSE box.  Can someone help me understand what I am

Do I need to create a 2nd IP address on the internal (or the external)
NIC?  IOW, how do I set the default route so that my connection can
actually be shared?  Thanks in advance.

DC Parris GNU Evangelist
gnumathetes at gmail.com
"Hey man, whatever pickles your list!"

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