[CS-FSLUG] Got SuSe 10.0 x86_64

David McGlone dmcglone at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 20 08:45:36 CST 2006

On Monday 20 February 2006 9:02 am, Ed Hurst wrote:
> David McGlone wrote:
> > I figured out how to get SuSE 10.0 x86_64 working.
> >
> > Instead of using the acpi=off when I booted to the installation, I used
> > "noapic" or "apic=off" instead.
> It's the little things that always bite us. A part of my calling from
> God is to encourage people to plug away at computer problems until they
> get it.

I do the same thing, not just because it's a calling from God, but because as 
many people that call me up asking me to fix their computer without even 
trying before calling me somewhat gets on my nerves :/

I now I shouldn't be saying this, but it's true. 2 weeks ago I had someone 
call me up telling me their computer was all out of whack, and had me under 
the impression their computer wasn't working. When I got there they couldn't 
find their LookOut icon on their desktop.

> Good job. 

Thanks, as you can see I Don't give up easily.
> > I really think I'm addicted to SuSE now. :)
> I am too, but haven't been able to run it. Even in safe-mode it won't
> install. I'm waiting for 10.1 to be released.

I couldn't run it in safe-mode either, but once I got the system installed I 
added noapic to all the lines except the windows.

If you have a test box or partition I would encourage you to give it a try, I 
don't think you'll be sorry.

David M.

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