[CS-FSLUG] Heading towards a brick wall.

Legatus lists at runyanrants.net
Sat Feb 18 16:04:07 CST 2006

I whacked the entire message. You need to stop fretting about what you 
don't have, and start working with what you do. I suggest you 
investigate internships. The US government have many opportunities to 
earn you education. Some are in the military, and others lead to GS 
level jobs. States, and even major corporations have these same 

Me personally, I dropped out of school, and floundered around tech 
schools for EMS work. I took a part time job in tech again. I didn't 
make much even as it became full time. I put together a plan to go back 
to school. I had the benefit of a supportive wife, and so I had a 
partner, but I knew others who did it alone. I'm 31, graduated 6 years 
ago, and make 4 to 5 times what I was making before. The moral I guess 
is do something. Find a crappy job, doing something related to what you 
want to do. Don't expect them to plop you down in front of a 
workstation, and say design my app. I would expect to have them give you 
a pile of something, and sneakers. Take the time to know the people who 
do what you want to do, and ask them for help or advice getting there. 
The fine line you don't want to cross is this one, don't sound like a 
desperate kid. Sound like an interested neophyte. Be ready to learn, and 
  listen to even the most boorish person who has already achieved where 
you want to go.

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