[CS-FSLUG] webservers

David Aikema david at aikema.net
Sat Feb 18 14:21:02 CST 2006

On 2/18/06, David Colburn <edoc7 at verizon.net> wrote:
> I am not sure it is worth the trouble.
> It is a costly hassle to host something with worthwhile
> bandwidth and speed when free hosting is readily available.

I agree about it not being the hassle and - at least with my ISP - it
would also constitute a violation of the terms of service.

I used to have a free site hosted somewhere, but eventually they
brought in some rather objectionable ads so I shut that site down.  I
at least reccomend having a domain name of your own, so that you can
move if something like this becomes a problem.

> I had a free site and will again plus I have a paid
> site with the same guy where I host  http://bibleseven.com
> The price is very reasonable.

I moved exclusively to paid hosting a few years ago after I got tired
of dealing with free hosts.

> > Does anyone here have any experience running a webserver?
> >
> > I'm trying to set up a webserver on my machine so I can start my website back
> > up, I still have my domain, but I'm wondering how to set up the nameservers
> > and stuff to be able to completley host my own domain and webspace.

Does your domain registrar offer any DNS hosting that you could use? 
(it seems that a fair number of them do these days)


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