[CS-FSLUG] hyperterm replacement?

Ritchie, Josiah S. jritchie at bible.edu
Wed Feb 15 11:06:14 CST 2006

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> Hi,
> > I must admit, this is one of the areas that I think it funny to use
> > GUI program. Why use a GUI to work with an inherently CLI interface?
> > windows, yeah, cause the CLI was just plain awful, but the CLI in
> > r0x5 irrespective of your term program.
> True. But at the risk of going off-topic, do you use Konsole? rxvt?
> gnome-console? Those are GUI programs giving access to a CLI
> Granted, their terminal emulation is a lot more featureful than
> HyperTerm's is, and CuteCom's interface looks to be pretty different.
> do you mean to say that you hit Ctrl-Alt-F1 every time you want to run
> minicom?
> But I do take your point, and CuteCom's interface (at least judging
> the screenshot) looks quite different than a normal terminal emulator.

Fair enough, I use a gnome-term at the moment, eterm in times past, for
convenience as opposed to the vty. I can have far more terminal windows
and can cut & paste to and from the terminal, which I do frequently. The
GUI term provides me with functionality I wouldn't otherwise have. :-)


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