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Timothy Butler tbutler at ofb.biz
Tue Feb 7 20:12:03 CST 2006

Hi Josiah,
> How about a slew of web services? Flickr is better than any photo  
> album
> stuff I've seen. Make a group for sharing with the group. Use their  
> to post stuff to the pages in a variety of formats.

	That might be, although the big problem is getting it all under one  
username per person -- simplicity is the key for the end user. The  
end users are mostly middle aged, non-technical users who like to  
share stories, swap recipes, post pictures of their home decor, etc.

> Then talk them out of the WYSIWYG posting. That is a mess anyway and
> really ugly. Then find one of those java scripts that interface  
> with an
> IRC room.

	WYSIWYG is a must, unfortunately. They've been using it on MSN for  
at least four years, and noone seems to be inclined to learn HTML or  
BBCode at this time. To get them to move off MSN (the goal), the new  
site needs to be preferably an "upgrade" in end user experience,  
which means keeping posting with fonts, colors, etc., as easy as it  
already is.


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