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A few other notes:

1.  Internet/distance courses are usually more costly than
traditional classroom courses even though they cost less for
a traditional college to offer.  This is because they see
it as a convenience to the student for which a student is
willing to pay extra and a source of extra cash for the
institution.  Non-traditional non-campus colleges such as
Seminary Extension and Horizon have avoided a lot of overhead
and are intentional about minimal cost education for Christians.

2.  Many colleges do offer distance courses.  Liberty ($$$),
Crown, Bethel University, etc.

3.  There are also hybrid courses that you start at distance
and complete on campus during a weekend or week-long classroom

HTH ... doc

>>> Does anyone know of any bible colleges which offer biblical
>>> studies via correspondence, distance learning.
>>> Preferably non dominational.
>>> I am looking to get into more academic biblical study and am
>>> finding it difficult to find any extensive self study courses.
>>> Any ideas would be appreciated.
>>> Thanks
>>> 'Mash

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