[CS-FSLUG] Correspondence bible college [ OT ]

Peter J. Vasquez Sr. pjvasquez at baeyogin.com
Tue Feb 7 14:02:06 CST 2006

  I've been subscribed to this list a while, but haven't been involved in
any of the ongoing discussions.  If it's of any help, I've enrolled
here: http://www.amesbible.org/

They offer free materials/courses with the option to later become college

Peter J. Vasquez Sr.

> Afternoon,
> Just an Off topic request for information.
> Does anyone know of any bible colleges which offer biblical
> studies via correspondence, distance learning.
> Preferably non dominational.
> I am looking to get into more academic biblical study and am
> finding it difficult to find any extensive self study courses.
> Any ideas would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> 'Mash
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