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> As a "ham" operator, the theory sounds good to me. It sounds quite
> similiar to what is called packet radio and really shouldn't be too
> to facilitate. The only real problem that I can see is getting this
> the FCC. We need to bear in mind that there are numerous frequency
> allocations within the electromagnetic sprectrum that comprises radio.
> Frequently the 27 & 49 Mhz bands are reserved for "walkie-talkies" and
> radio controlled vehicles. I have seen cordless telephones that
operate on
> the 900 Mhz and 1.2 and 2.4 Ghz frequencies. I don't know what
> is used for cellular phones and pagers. CB radio is allocated to a
> splice of the sprectrum that was once refered to as the 11-Meter band
> (Amateur radio 10-meter is so close in frequency that it is possible
> tweak a CB to recieve and transmit on 10). I think that if we can find
> way to get around the radio frequency hurdle, it may be possible to
> rewriting the internet as a wireless communications grid i
>  n which each and every website could be stored on a server located at
> local level. It would just be a matter of setting up restrictions with
> regards to what can and can not be accessed and by whom at each server
> (not too different from file permissions).
> Thats just my thought on the idea.

 Being Canadian, Nathan, I assume you have a different organization with
different issues. Stephen in Quito would also have different rules. Our
friends in Australia are also included in this.

I wonder if this would be a project that a mission agency like HCJB
Radio or Wyclife might already be working on.


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