[CS-FSLUG] End of the Net Story

Ed Hurst ehurst at asisaid.com
Sun Feb 5 08:01:51 CST 2006

Nathan T. wrote:

> Could several routers be connected together to make one bit network
> where people linked to one router can talk to people on another? I
> really haven't experimented enough with this stuff :-)

I don't know much about HAM, but I do know at least one OpenSource 
project aimed at wireless chains. They sell (at their cost, I believe) a 
wireless router specially designed to receive and push a signal at the 
same time. I believe in one example, a bunch of folks in a rural 
mountain valley setup a long string of WAPs that ran the length of the 
valley, and shared the expense of one facility working from 2-way satellite.

Whether the satellite providers will be affected by this cartel of 
telecos is another thing. My issue is the assumption way too much of the 
Net we love and use today inevitably passes through the machines and 
wires owned by these telecos. They together have a monopoly in some 
sectors of the Net. My question includes concerns of by-passing that. It 
requires knowing a lot more about routing than I do now.

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