[CS-FSLUG] 1394 Firewire Question

AC Marsh amarsh at abed-nego.com
Sun Dec 24 18:38:35 CST 2006

I have a HP zv6170us laptop which has a 4-pin 1394/FireWire port. I was 
looking for an external harddrive and after reading some things online, 
I found out that firewire was faster than USB 2.0 for external HD purposes.

At the store I find two kinds, one with FireWire 400/USB 2.0 and another 
with FireWire 800/ FIreWire400/ USB 2.0.

I assume that my 4-Pin port can connect to a FireWire 400 HD, but can it 
also connect to FireWire 800? Is the FW 800 really new or something as I 
could find nothing to answer my question despite 2+ hours of googling.

OTOH, it could be that the answer is so obvious....


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