[CS-FSLUG] How to identify rebranded monitors?

Ed Hurst ehurst at asisaid.com
Fri Dec 15 17:32:47 CST 2006

Eduardo Sanchez wrote:

>>> Does anyone know how could I identify the *true* model of this CRT
>>> monitor?
>> Is there an FCC number on the back?
> Yes, namesake, there is one. I don't remember it, though; I don't have 
> the monitor with me right now.

Well, without that I can't do much to help you. Sometimes you can google
for the model and name pasted on the outside and get a reference to who
made it, but the best bet is that FCC code. That can be referenced to
manufacturer and model number almost every time.

For stuff from 1998 or earlier, use this page:

For more recent stuff, use the search box in the upper right-hand corner
of this page:

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