gginorio at sbcglobal.net gginorio at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 22 12:56:30 CDT 2006

This is a good question,

> I was just wondering -- has anyone tried Enlightenment E16? I've  
> always meant to do that. I've only tried E15. Thoughts on it, if  
> you've tried it?

I've used "enlightenment 0.16" and enjoyed it when I needed ultra light weight computing; the massive eye candy is optional you know. I have also investigated E17 (enlightenment 0.17) which is a rewrite featuring all new libraries and a distinctive set of tools (image viewer, file manager and media player).
E17 is "similar" to E16 in some basic ways (right and left click menus, floating bars) but it is alot more "conventional" than E16. There is a "Mac-esque" application bar on the bottom and a much cleaner screen appearance.
Perhaps you should check them both out (on live distro's?) and see if either is your flavor. You never know ... a version of enlightenment might be the right OS to meet the need.
Gabe Ginorio

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