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edoc7 edoc7 at verizon.net
Mon Aug 14 06:23:41 CDT 2006

Chris Debenham wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-08-14 at 18:35 -0400, Lincoln Fessenden wrote:
> ... heaps clipped ..
>> There is a *LOT* of really fascinating info on this subject available by 
>> the way.  I highly recommend everyone taking a look to see what you come 
>> up with.
> I will say that this has really re-invigorated my interest in bible
> translations.  I had done some research before but now I really want to
> learn greek or hebrew to look in more detail.
> Do people recommend learning greek or hebrew first?

I will be Mr. Non-Traditional ... again.

I attended a very traditional seminary, Gordon-Conwell
in MA.  They pushed for every MDiv student to study
Greek and Hebrew.

I disagreed then and now and will tell you why.

Trustworthy translators spend their entire lives
studying the languages, traditions, culture,
archeology, etc.  Even they struggle to always
get it right ... as is evidenced by the current
debate here.

That said, what I have observed in and out of
Seminary matches the old saw "A little knowledge
can be a dangerous thing."

My infamous phrase when told that everyone should
study Greek & Hebrew is "What I have observed as a
result of future pastors studying a mere two years
of Greek and Hebrew has mostly been arrogance and
error translated into poor theology and confused

Nothing since I first made that observation 14 years
ago has altered my assessment.

It seems obvious to me that God has *called* and
gifted just a few to be translators and we should honor
that call vs second-guessing it from inferior knowledge
and gifting.


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