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Sat Aug 5 06:34:39 CDT 2006

 > Nathan T. wrote:
>> We home school.  The religious zealots for evolution
>> and Clintonian sexual promiscuity and the barbarism
>> of abortion and of anti-Christian and anti-American
>> and pro-socialist tyranny have no access.
> How does socialism come into the picture. As I understood it socialism
> is subsidizing things people need to live so they are more affordable,
> thus helping out your fellow man. I realize that's only a part of it,
> but it's also the only part I heard of in school.

Clever devils.  They only tell young people about
the good intentions and never the overwhelming evil
that making a citizenry dependent on centralized
government always becomes.

As one man described it, socialism is giving a man
fish thus making him dependent upon you for food,
capitalism is teaching a man to fish thus freeing
him to feed himself.

They march and riot in France every time anyone so
much as dares to suggest that the people tighten
their belts a little.

Almost every socialist country in the world is
facing social welfare obligations that make our
social security and Medicare obligations look
puny by proportion.

Under socialism politicians compete by promising
larger and larger gifts for non-productivity,
longer vacations, larger benefits, earlier and
more generous retirement, etc.  We are suffering
in the USA from the socialism FDR brought here.

>> The government schools are no longer a safe place
>> for children, they at-best child neglect, at worst
>> child abuse.
> One school I attended in Newfoundland would try to indoctrinate kids
> with pro-gay propaganda, I still remember being put on the spot in
> Grade 8 because I objected to it.

It is getting worse all over the world.  It is subtly
similar to the schools where the radical fascist-Islamics
factions indoctrinate their children to ignorance and
violent hatred.

> I think it's vitally important for parents to tell their kids the
> christian standpoint on issues *before* their schools have a chance.
> Kids should also go in knowing that the teachers will employ
> psychological warfare, I had a few who did. I still came out of the
> public school system with my christian ideals intact, but my courage
> has been eroded and I've been uncomfortable in doing anything
> distinguishably Christian in public ever since.

That is part of the goal.  Read The Screwtape Letters written
by CS Lewis in the 40's.  The Enemy has been hard at work for
a long time.

Christian children do not belong in deliberately anti-Christian
government (public) schools.  Children are neither called nor
equipped to be evangelists, they are to be protected and
raised up in the Word of the Lord.

> These days I don't feel very public or outspoken, I've been through
> enough already.

Biblical Christians must take up the Cross every day.  As Paul
wrote we must consider the times when we are troubled for our
faith a good thing.  If Satan wasn't worried about us in the
service of Christ he wouldn't bother with us.

HTH ... doc

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