[CS-FSLUG] Seeking opinions

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Tue Apr 18 22:49:24 CDT 2006

Nathan T. wrote:
> If I haven't said this already, I would like to know about other
> schools. Alternatives in Canada and the United States that would suit
> what I'm looking for. I do prefer smaller towns but I won't limit
> myself to only those. I am not adverse to going to a Bible college;
> however, I would like to attend a school which will have a good return
> (ie: job with a good wage) for the tuition cost. Very importantly
> though, I am 19 and only now finishing high school, I definitely want
> to to attend a good school, but I must admit shorter courses have some
> appeal.

Not that I am advocating Kansas over other places, but its what I know. 
You could check out Kansas State University and Manhattan Christian 
College. They are both in Manhattan, Kansas. They offer programs where 
you can go to both places depending on your majors. I am sure there are 
other options like this in other places. Manhattan is pretty much a town 
that exists for the college.

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