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> Excellent! Glad to see you joining missions...

Thanks. :-)

> There is another product out there, besides TNTMPD that is called
> "DonorManager." It is written in foxpro.

Doesn't someone around here know foxpro? Any chance I can run that on

> Another one that is web-based, can be found at servantsite.com.
<cut />

> In short, it is not a simple project unless you are just making it for
> yourself. :) The developers of these three projects all do it on
> a full-time basis. They are missionaries in their own right, but some
> them put a number of hours per day on their project. A lot of that is
> because missionaries keep getting more technology that needs to be
> interoperated with, etc.
> My advice: If you build something. PAINSTAKINGLY STAY WITH OPEN
> STANDARDS. There is a tool, multisync, that you could build one
> interface for and sync with LOTS of stuff. People are forever
> reinventing a sync tool, a mail-merge tool, etc. Open standards are
> friend.
> (Not surprising advice to get from someone on this list, eh?)
> If you could work with ServantSite, I would probably recommend going
> that route before building your own. Shawn Parrish (of servantsite)
> been a missionary for years, and knows a lot about what it takes to
> up with your donors. It is a bit complex, but it is a rather cool site
> with a lot of thought behind it, and is very much an opensource

Thanks for the thoughts Tim. I'm all about the open standards. I was
rather hoping you would chime in also. 

You do speak of something that, in combination with what Mr. McCracken
mentions, has convinced me that this is a much bigger project than I

My impression of ServantSite is that it is more of a public face kinda
thing. I'm looking is tools to get me off the ground and help me collect
the information from the start/behind the scenes. Is there more to
ServantSite than I have understood by simply looking around the website
for it? I'm also at a disadvantage because I have no PHP skills, but I
guess that could change. 


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