[CS-FSLUG] NI: Study Shows Windows Beats Linux on Security

=?GB2312?B?Iof4rmEgV2VpLVllZSBDaGFuIChNYWRlIGluIENoaW5hciki?= survivor at brisnet.org
Wed Jun 29 23:59:03 CDT 2005

Good analogy there. Your right - M$ just wants us to stop thinking,
which is a good selling point, cos there are many people out there who'd
prefer not to use their heads.

Don Parris wrote:

>Just reading this intro is enough to tell me the bottom line.  About
>the only reason to read the article is for the sheer entertainment
>value.  What a freakin' joke - rely on Microsoft? For security
>updates?  You gotta be kidding, right?  To me, the sad thing is, not
>only do we no longer do our own thinking, we rely on a company like
>Msft to do it for us.
>It's kind of like the folks who rely on the preacher to do their
>interpretation for them.  It's great to hear a good sermon, but I
>prefer to try to understand as much on my own as I can.

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