[CS-FSLUG] NI: Microsoft looks to extinguish LAMP

Fred A. Miller fmiller at lightlink.com
Wed Jun 15 22:01:33 CDT 2005

"Microsoft engineers have toiled for years to make the company's software 
industrial strength and worthy of large corporations' dollars. 

 Now the software giant faces a different challenge: fending off open-source 
alternatives that are good enough for most jobs. 

 At Microsoft's TechEd customer conference last week, executives spelled out 
the company's lineup to combat these cut-rate incursions onto its turf. 
In particular, the company is focused on improving its alternatives to the 
so-called LAMP stack, the combination of the Linux operating system, Apache 
Web server, MySQL database, and scripting languages PHP, Perl or Python. 
 Microsoft's anti-LAMP strategy is to heap features into its low-end products 
and to build a comprehensive set of tools--spanning development to 
management--in the hopes of making Windows Server more attractive."


Planet Earth - a subsidiary of Microsoft. We have no bugs in 
our software, Never! We do have undocumented added 
features, that you will find amusing, at no added cost 
to you, at this time.

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