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I see the EU as an extension of the UN and the UN as evil. With this being the case, I prefer not to see too many posts about them (one or two every now and then, but please lets keep them low).

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> On Saturday 04 June 2005 10:41, Raphaël Pinson wrote:
> >
> > Although Turkey is composed of a huge population of Muslim, I find it
> > the funniest thing to say things like "Turkey doesn't have Christian
> > roots as we do". Remind me where were the first Christian communities
> > founded? Ephesia, Phillipa, Corinthia ... where is this now ? Did
> > Paul ever evangelise France or the Netherlands (France was a Roman
> > province too at the time, since 52 BC). Most politicians who blame
> > Turkey for not being Christian are not Christian themselves, just
> > like GWB who talks so more about Christianity is not a Christian imo.
> > Often in history non-christians try to *control* Christians by making
> > them think they are focused on their interests...
> Interesting commentary that of yours, Raphaël, and certainly gets us a
> different perspective than that of the news agencies (not necessarily
> those of the US only; here in Paraguay the same stuff was parroted over
> and over).
> About Turkey, I heard that the big issue is not that of religion; Turkey
> is a very secular country after all. The big issue, I think, is
> Turkey's poor human rights and freedoms record, which runs counter to
> Europe's glorious tradition in that regard. Right now, Turks get
> furious when the Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople is called
> "Ecumenical Patriarch", and this fellow still is unable to re-open a
> theological seminary in his homeland.
> >
> > > And then, there is the reality of ethnic ghettos, the
> > > well-known case of the  assassination of a prominent politician in
> > > Holland by a radical Islamic Muslim, a general increase in the
> > > crime rates, a failure of the immigrants to inter-marry and adopt
> > > the culture of their new environment, and the intense competition
> > > for jobs.
> >
> > Ghetto is a term that fits the american reality, not the european
> > one. We don't have ghettos, as in black people somewhere, arabic
> > elsewhere, latinos in a third place, etc. We have rich and poor
> > places for sure, but it's not as harsh a separation as in the US.
> > Intense competition for jobs ... LOL ... France had muslims come here
> > years ago to help us for the war, when some muslim countries were
> > still part of our country. They fought in our army, and now we would
> > consider they steal our jobs? One has to be really bad to think this
> > way, when these people didn't ask to come.
> >
> Perhaps you don't know one, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. You
> can get into those even in Berlin and Madrid (I know that firsthand, I
> have some in-laws living as immigrants in some of these).
> >
> > Is this really a question ? Honestly the american "democracy" is so
> > shocking for us that we don't wonder anymore if Europe is more
> > democratic than the US...
> >
> Come on, Raphaël, you're alluding to differences both political and
> cultural. Don't accuse one government of being more "democratic" than
> the other. Different shades of gray ...
> >
> > Sorry for all this, but I couldn't let such a false info go on...
> >
> No problem; only that it was one opinion against another, not "a false
> info" against a true one... and I respect a lot what you have to say.
> Blessings,
> Eduardo
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