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Ruth Marlene Friesen Bouquet at ruthes-secretroses.com
Mon Feb 28 10:54:09 CST 2005

I'n so sorry to hear this, Eduardo.
May the Lord turn it into one of those 'closed window turned into an 
open door' situation for you. Sometimes He does have to loosen our 
grip on one thing so we can open our hands to receive a better gift - 
or job.


On 23 Feb 2005 at 17:38, Eduardo Sanchez wrote:

> (pasted from my blog with light editing)
> In a meeting I had just minutes ago with Revs. JM and LA, I was told
> that effective March 1, 2005, I will be no longer in need to punch my
> card here. I mostly saw this coming, as a fallout from the ill-fated
> General Assembly of my church on last November. What I did not
> anticipate was the fact that it would come so soon; that’s because I
> am totally buried with work, overseeing the typesetting of our
> upcoming Annual Report, which is a huge undertaking.
> It is not like I’m helpless; just days ago I got a job offer for a
> half-time job where I would get the same salary I’m earning here as
> a full-time worker; additionally, I have a full backlog of consulting
> jobs. However, this kind of rejection still hurts.
> Moreover, my wife’s 15-year old nephew, who is orphaned, moved into
> our home last Sunday and now it is under our wings. For all respects
> he is like a son for us now, so we are stretching a lot (financially
> and emotionally).
> Another potentially bad consequence of my exit is that my blog may
> cease to exist, since I’m hosting it on my church website.
> I’m grateful for the ride; it was a very good experience, I learned
> a lot, and I had lots of great moments. However, I must move on.
> Please pray; your kind intercession is really coveted now.
> Blessings,
> Eduardo
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