[CS-FSLUG] frambuffer options

Alvin Smith alvin at tux.org
Thu Feb 10 08:07:31 CST 2005

On Wednesday 09 February 2005 10:06 pm, john-thomas richards wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 09, 2005 at 09:16:22PM -0500, Alvin Smith wrote:
> > > > Problem:  All of the little icons, tux etc, scroll off the top of the
> > > > screen instead of remaining, like a heading.

> Strange...the tux logo is *hard*-coded into the kernel.  The kernel
> source *requires* an 80x80 graphic that is converted to a header file.
> Do you have the hard drive and flower on a *console* before X starts?

I have found that I have installed a package called "boot-icons".

"Display boot progress using graphical icons
This Package modifies the boot progress to show small graphics
in the non-scrolling area of the screen (at the top, next to
the Linux penguin).

For this to work, it needs kernel-level framebuffer support."

Not sure why I don't have a "non-scrolling area"...

Alvin Smith
The Shenandoah Valley Linux Users Group
Winchester, VA  USA

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