[CS-FSLUG] Persecution in schools a Godsent? was Re: [PD] 10 cents?

Yama Ploskonka Yama at veritasacademy.net
Tue Dec 27 22:11:01 CST 2005

'mash wrote:
> On 12/26/05, Nathan T. <celerate at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I keep wondering why we don't get a whole bunch of Christians together and
>> buy a chunk of land to make into our own country. In the Catholic school
>> they say that Vatican City belongs to no country, often they seem to imply
>> it's their own Catholic owned country. Just as a crazy thought why don't we
>> get all the Christians together and buy ourselves a big chunk of land, I
>> just got this e-mail recently offering me real estate on the moon at very
>> low prices, I figure we raise some money to buy the whole thing and then get
>> discount rides up there with the Russians and we're set ;-) .

There seem to be a bunch of "missionary families" in a big compound near 
Cochabamba, Bolivia, apparently intent in doing something like that.
 From what I gathered (i don't blame them for being a bit secretive) 
they basically got there to have their own village, with their own 
schools, etc.  No US media!
Apparently quite a few are on support from the USA.  From time to time 
they advertise openings for teachers for their compound - those teachers 
have to go there on full support, but as far as I could understand it, 
they seldom or only on their own time would they meet Bolivians.

> There would be no point to our existance as Christians if that was the case.
> We would become tottally unchallanged and would become stagnent.
> Never really being much of a witness at all.
> Take it as a compliment that it is getting harder and harder to remain
> a Christian,

I was precisely wondering a bit yesterday that maybe this whole thing is 
not only allowed by God but in some measure even welcome by Him.  There 
have been so many _successful_ temptations to stray from a righteous 
path, toward greed and convenience and comfort, that maybe God is 
inviting us to not depend on the "easy" way (government schools, 
acceptance of a "Christian" Christmas), but accept that the world has 
taken them over for good - and that we have to do our own thing.

Yes, we need to keep the appearance that we don't like it, so they will 
leave us alone.  If they notice we are happy, THEN they will come bother 
us. :-)

Let's admit it, public schools are so far gone that the best we can do 
is to declare them totaled, and go out and do our own.  What I have seen 
is that these tend to be much more successful than anything the 
government can put up, at significantly lower cost.

Same with Christmas.  From whatever it was "before", it became the high 
festival of greed, waste, envy, gluttony, excess, for quite a few 
generations.  Finally it has been declared by those in government, media 
and business that this time is not a Christian time, but Hanukkah, 
Kudzu, or whatever.

You know what?  I call that GOOD.

"The Holiday Season" is also so far gone toward a lot that is NOT 
Christian, that I, for one, welcome the chance not to be associated with it.


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