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On 12/25/05, dmc <edoc7 at verizon.net> wrote:
> > Need articles like this always be viewed as "us" versus "them"?  (eg.
> > I've seen Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, and other religious groups supporting
> > Christian groups when they feel that those groups have been wronged).
> Extrememly rarely.  How many Muslim groups in the USA have been
> active in promoting America and condemning the Islamic terrorists?

Interestingly, a few years back, Chuck Colson mentioned how Muslims
and Christians were working together to fight a ban on prayer - or
some sort of anti-religious thing.  I forget the exact situation now -
I heard it on the radio in my car.  However, Colson was saying that we
should be defending the Muslims' right to pray, because otherwise we
would be next.  I feel the government should not necessarily favor any
particular faith, since that was part of the original constitution. 
However, neither do I feel the government has the right to trample any
one faith.  While I oppose vehemently the views of the "Church of
Satan", I wholeheartedly agree that, under our constitution, they have
as much right to worship according to their beliefs as we do - with
the caveat that human sacrifice (murder?) be omitted from anyone's

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