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Sun Dec 25 09:40:08 CST 2005

> Need articles like this always be viewed as "us" versus "them"?  (eg.
> I've seen Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, and other religious groups supporting
> Christian groups when they feel that those groups have been wronged).

Extrememly rarely.  How many Muslim groups in the USA have been
active in promoting America and condemning the Islamic terrorists?

In France the Muslims are up in arms due to restrictions on
wearing religiously-required "uniforms" in government "public"
schools but how many Muslim organizations show up to stand
alongside Christians when our freedom of speech is attacked
in court and in the public forum?

> Maybe "their own country" is the USA?

Not when they stand silent as their fellow Muslims preach
lies and hate against America -- they then are the same
as those in WWII Germany, Europe, and even America who
stood silent as Hitler propagandized and strategized to
impose his fascist brand of terror upon the world.

As our President has said, post-911 you either stand with
freedom or against it, pretending to stand in the middle
is to make a statement of moral equivalency -- an absurdity.


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