[CS-FSLUG] Shopping for a handheld

dmc edoc7 at verizon.net
Fri Dec 16 13:22:30 CST 2005

I have the predecessor to the Kyocera 7135, it is
the 6035.  A real workhorse and for $50. you can
get one with several extras on that auction site!

>> It was probably either a Palm Treo or Kyocera 7135
>> Palm Treo: http://www.palm.com/us/products/smartphones/treo650/
> Now that is awesome! Thats what I want. I'm gonna see if I may be able to 
> transfer my cell phone number to this.
> If I can, I'll absolutely have me one of these. I figure if it's got 
> bluetooth, I should at least be able to sync it with my linux boxes.
>> Kyocera 7135: http://www.kyocera-wireless.com/7135-smartphone/index.htm

A blessed CHRISTmas to all!
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