[CS-FSLUG] Shopping for a handheld

Yama Ploskonka Yama at veritasacademy.net
Thu Dec 15 21:51:49 CST 2005

I have seen it mentioned that if you have just one B running on a G 
network, the whole network will be brought down to B speed (slower), 
even if everything else is G.

Stephen J. McCracken wrote:
> dmc wrote:
>>>I also would like wireless 802.11g if it's possible. If not will
>>>802.11b work ok with an 802.11g wireless router?
> B & G are two different protocols on the same frequencies.  Most all G
> routers are dual (B & G), but B routers won't do G.  It is usually the
> default configuration on G routers to work in dual mode being able to
> have both B and G clients.  That said, whoever configures the router can
> restrict it to only work with G and not with B (like I did on mine).

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