[CS-FSLUG] Linux emails backup help please

Eduardo Sanchez sombragris at sombragris.org
Sat Dec 10 18:30:16 CST 2005

Yama: welcome to the list. I hadn't noticed you before.

Assuming that you use Thunderbird 1.x and that the program is in a 
standard setup, I would simply make a tarball of the 
$HOME/.thunderbird/ directory. Later, in my new system, I would unpack 
it to the same location.

I hope this help.



On Saturday 10 December 2005 18.40, Yama Ploskonka wrote:
> I need urgently to backup my email files, so I am asking help from
> you guys.  Googled some and got confused.
> FC4, Thunderbird, standard setup
> My Linux baby has been acting up, took me over an hour and some
> dissassembly to boot today, and maybe it's the last one I will get
> before a major reinstall/box change.
> Thank you, and God bless you all,
> Yama
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