[CS-FSLUG] Ethics and the X-Box

dmc edoc7 at verizon.net
Fri Dec 9 10:00:36 CST 2005

 > Clinton Evans wrote:
> I have a project in my Church where I want some cheap X-terminals and I am 
> debating converting some old X-Boxes for the purpose. I suspect that, in a 
> month or two, no self-respecting child will be seen with last-year's model 
> when he can have the new 360. If I am correct, the garage sales should have 
> them in abundance!
> Here is the dilemma: what is the morality of circumventing Microsoft's 
> security to recycle some of their obsolete machines? 

You are not using the MS operating system, just the

No problem.

If you are using their OS in violation of a specific
license then one would have to take a closer look.

Can you describe what you are intending in more detail?

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