[CS-FSLUG] eMachines & GNU/Linux

Warren Sanders warren at sandersonline.org
Wed Dec 7 10:32:24 CST 2005

Don Parris wrote:

>Anyone got experience with eMachines and GNU/Linux, especially Ubuntu?
> Any awareness of hardware compatibility issues with eMachines' stuff?
> This is for a local church.

I have just tried booting a live 5.10 for 64-bit on my e-Machine and had
no luck yet.  Did try the nousb flag and got furthest but still run into
video probs.  Will have another stab at it soon enough tho.

To be honest with you I have had the darndest time with usb on any of my
Linux boxes.  I either have a 2.4 version or have to add nousb to my
kernel flags in grub. :-(

Warren Sanders

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